Jonathan Rhys Meyers and longtime love Mara Lane welcomed their son Wolf into the world earlier this year and they look like an adorable family in this new photo!

In a series of posts to her Instagram, Mara revealed that she and Jonathan are now a married couple and she also praised her hubby for helping with their son’s home birth.

“J is thee best Father btw. Ridiculously loving, super protective, patient and attentive. Wolf is basically snuggled, kissed, adored, sang to and entertained any free minute he has by his Papa. #LuckyMom #BlessedWife 💕,” Mara captioned the below family photo.

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Mara celebrated Midwife Day by opening up about her at-home birth, which happened in under three hours.

“Wolf was born in his caul sak (like his Mama was) so… we did not know I was in labor until half way through as water never broke,” she captioned the below slideshow on Instagram. “Johnny was able to help deliver Wolf as he entered this world and it was the best day of our lives. He was so so awesome as I would have probably passed out if could have seen what was happening. Angels were present in spiritual realm and earth angels with our amazing team. Thank you God & Birthing Instincts, #HappyMidWifeDay”


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