On this episode of Star Wars Talk Tuesdays (Recorded Tuesday September 12th 2017) John talks about the following:


JJ Abrams returns to direct Episode 9

Episode 9 release date moved to December 2019


John Spear - With Trevorrow out as the director of episode 9, Lucasfilm has now had major issues with 3 out of the 5 announced films (and even some minor issues with TFA). I have 2 questions... 1) do you think this will make them only select more experienced directors like Ron Howard going forward? 2) Will this push them towards taking a break for a couple years to regroup after the (supposedly happening) Obi-Wan movie?

Ivan Casas - My question is do you think we might ever get another special edition of the original trilogy (maybe even the prequels), I love the movies how they are but when I watch Rouge One and A New Hope back to back I feel like the green screen effects and space battles of New Hope seem outdated. maybe in like ten years they can go back and retouch them and maybe update the space battles to appeal to the next generation.

PATREON Supporter Peter Constable - My question is, do you believe that Kylo Ren can/will be redeemed? I personally think he should stay bad till the very end, and that having his find redemption would be a little too much like Vader, but I might be ok with it if they did it in a new and unique way. Thanks and keep up the great work!

PATREON Supporter Kyle Beckworth - Hi John! What percentage would you give for either Rey or Kylo Ren losing a hand in The Last Jedi? Since Anakin and Luke both lost a hand in the middle films of each of their respective trilogy. Thanks and keep up the great work!

Joe Byrum - Hey John, I was wondering if you could answer this question for me. it has always bothered me. After Darth Vader has killed the Younglings and killed an unknown numerous number of other people. why is it considered Redemption when he decides to save his own son? All Is Forgiven?!

Philip Kloc - My ears perked up a couple weeks ago when you said that Return of the Jedi was your favorite film in the Star Wars saga. I'm with you, but I think we can both agree that the consensus among Star Wars fandom is that Empire Strikes Back is the favorite for most. For you, what sets ROTJ apart from ESB and the rest?

Michael Minchew - Am I the only person who thinks Poe is obviously force sensitive? Since the first time I saw tfa I remember thinking his piloting was over the top and reminiscent of Anakin. I brushed it off until I read Shattered Empire and realised he grew up with one of the two remaining force trees in the galaxy in his yard. It's my opinion, but it seems to me the story group made it a point to get that tree to Poe's house. 


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